Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions

Q1: What should I do if the device is not turning on?

Ensure that the device is charged, any mobile phone charger, power bank, or laptop can be used to charge the device.

Q2: Why am I unable to detect any signals with the device?

If you are unable to detect any signals with the device, move to a different location and try again.

(Tips: Keep in mind that some RF devices, especially GPS trackers, AirTag, or other trackers, emit signals intermittently rather than continuously. In such cases, the detector may not capture the signal at the precise moment, requiring multiple attempts to locate the source.)

Q3: How do I detect GPS trackers with the device?

As GPS trackers typically have strong built-in magnets for easy attachment to metal parts, set the device in Magnetic Field Detection mode, scan suspicious areas of your vehicle where GPS trackers may be attached, investigate thoroughly and repeat the scanning process in different areas and angles to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Q4: What should I do if the device is not detecting hidden cameras effectively?

Ensure proper positioning and adjust the angle of the device for optimal detection.

(Tips: For optimal results, create a low-light environment by turning off lights, closing curtains or shutters, etc. To achieve the best detection angle, either look directly through the View Finder or rotate the detector ±15° in front of your eyes. Excessive angle between the detector and camera may diminish detection accuracy.)

Q5: The device is unable to detect magnetic objects or GPS trackers?

First, ensure that the device is set to Magnetic Field Detection Mode.
Next, consider that the detection distance may vary depending on the magnetic strength of the object being detected, please try checking the detected area multiple times.
Additionally, the device's magnetic probe is equipped with polarized magnetic sensing components, try rotating the device to different orientations to utilize the different directions of the magnetic probe for detection.